Who is Kilted Craftsman?

You can’t call yourself the kilted craftsman if you’ve never worn a kilt. Meet Robert, the craftsman behind the blade, born in Alexandria Scotland this Scottish craftsman has spent plenty of time sporting the family tartan. Robert spent the first 14 years of his life in bonnie Scotland until he and his family immigrated from the highlands of Scotland to sunny California. Robert was introduced to woodworking from a young age where he spent many days working with his stepfather on building the perfect family home for his mother and siblings. His passion for woodworking and building only grew stronger when he took woodshop in high school. With the lessons and encouragement from his woodshop teacher Mr. Holmes, Robert gained a real love for the craft. After high school Robert joined the military as a Navy Seabee where he received his citizenship, and proudly served his country. Robert continued woodworking as a hobby, building furniture and cutting boards for family and friends. In 2017 after many years working as a heavy equipment operator Robert left his job and started his own business selling his cutting boards and butcher blocks at local farmers markets, art shows, and craft events. Now married and a proud father to wee Robert, the passion for woodworking has grown into a family business with many happy clients and one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture, countertops, and wooden kitchen goods.